A prototype of your future e-commerce platform to make sure it will deliver the expected value.

Let's test it out

Understanding the scope and technical requirements aren’t always enough to start implementing a new e-commerce solution. It is also important to make sure that the planned investment will deliver the expected value and be truly worth your time and resources. Therefore, after roadmapping, it is worth moving on to the proof-of-concept phase – a demonstration of the idea to prove its potential. A proof of concept reduces the risk of investing in a solution that requires a lot of time and money but does not support the business objectives as expected.

What is the process behind creating a proof of concept?

Analysis – the workshop

How would you define your success? During the workshop, our experienced retail and technology experts will gather all information necessary to prepare a proof of concept. We will hold a discovery workshop together with our analyst, your company's management, and your team members, who will be using the tools daily. This will help to ensure that the future platform will address everyone’s needs.

Preparing a proof-of-concept

Based on the information gathered in the workshop, our team will prepare a proof of concept for the solution to be created, considering your company's current business processes as well as the goals of creating a new online store.


The final stage is a presentation of the initial prototype of the proposed solution. We will demonstrate how it can help solve the challenges the company is facing today and support future business growth. In this final stage, we will present the prototype and test it out together with your team. This will give you an overview of the opportunities that this solution can create for your business. The aim of the presentation is to understand whether the solution works as expected for you or needs any adjustments. This way you can be sure that the planned investment will deliver the expected value and be truly worth your time and resources.

What value does your business gain from a proof-of-concept workshop?

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