Every successful project starts with mapping strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

In our free workshop together with your key team members and FinestCommerce experts, we will thoroughly analyze your current software solutions and their role in the sales process to create a vision of an e-commerce platform that will help you to achieve your goals.

What value does your business gain from roadmapping?


Receive honest feedback on the current status of your company's e-commerce solutions.


Get an overview of different possible solutions that could help to boost your business online.


A step-by-step action plan for supporting your growth online and improving your e-channels.


What is the process behind creating a roadmap?

Workshop for key team members

What are your ambitions and how would you define success? In the workshop, we will review your company's current e-commerce platform, software solutions and their role in the sales process. We’ll map out all opportunities for improvement and present you with some ideas which would help you to achieve your ambitious goals.

In-depth analysis

We analyze the results of the workshop by comparing the functionality of your current platform to your goals. Based on the analysis, we will create a visual overview of your company's key systems and processes and if necessary, make suggestions for improvement. This will help your company to understand the next investments needed, the potential benefits they could bring and help set priorities in future actions

Presentation of the findings

Once the analysis is ready, we'll meet again with your team to introduce our findings. We’ll give you an overview of the current situation, discuss possible scenarios and their expected outcomes so that before starting with improvements, you’ll have transparency on the budget as well as the timeframe of the project.

What is the final outcome from the roadmapping workshop?

As a result of the roadmapping process, you will get a visual representation of your current e-commerce environment and future goals as well as some ideas from our team on how to make your ambitious e-strategy a reality.

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